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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Windows 8 ACTIVATOR For All Editions Full Version Free Direct Download (Software)

Problems regarding activation of Windows 8 has been solved last year. Those who are the users of Windows 8 and having trouble to activate this version of Windows hope you already got the solution. Just after the release of the final version of Windows 8, we have provided an activator for you that works with all editions.
At least 70% of the comments were positive about that activator. And unfortunately 30% of them were negative. They reported this activator was not working for them. And we promised if we can manage a new activator we will inform them. Today I will share another activator with you with proof!
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This activator works same as the previous one. All you is just to make a double click on the activator. Within 10/ 15 seconds your PC will be restarted. And you will see the confirmation message about Windows 8 activation.

Instructions of Use:

Okay let’s start. This is a very simple and easy activator.

  • First, download the file by hitting on the download button:
  • After download the file you need to unzip it.
  • Then double click on the activator.
  • Wait for few seconds for processing.
  • Now your system will be restarted and you will get the activation message.

    • Precautions:

      1. Windows Defender may detect this file as virus. I think as it is a cracking tool that’s why defender may consider this as a threat. But this is safe (Though I’m not 100% sure but using it on my PC).
      2. .Net Framework 3.5 is required to run this activator. If your Windows doesn’t have .Net 3.5 installed then install it now.
      3. Make sure, your Windows Automatic Update is turned off.
      4. For any reason, if this activator doesn’t work, then you follow this method.
      After successfully activating the Windows, you will be shown the confirmation message. And you can also find it by pressing Start + Pause as the image shows below:
      Most of our visitors found the previous activator useful. But some of them were unable to activate their Windows. That’s why we’ve shared this new activator. But you can also try the previous one.
      Activate Windows 8 Just by Double Click (All Versions) !!!
      It has the following Advantages:
      • .Net Framework 3.5 is not required to run the activator.
      • Just hit and activate.

      • Quite useful but depends on luck sometimes. (10% of the attempts were not successful)
      • Sometimes you might not see the Windows is Activated message in the Activation Window.



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